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Monday, May 11, 2009

My long time friend Keikichi whom I haven't seen in a long time wrote this great story about our reunion this past weekend:

On Saturday morning I received a message from my old friend Stickrod M of Ohio saying that he'd be in San Diego area on weekend with wife and kid. I haven't seen him for 6 or 7 years, so I immediately called the number he gave me. What happened then was screaming each other's name for the next few moments or minutes, for excitement, for we were chocked up, or reception of my phone was just so bad.

"Stickrod! OMG!"
"Keikichi! Holy S!"
"Stickrod! How are you!"
"Keikichi! Long time!"
"Stickrod! Can You hear me now?"
"Keikichi! Can you hear me now?"

He gave me an address in La Jolla, and we'd meet up in a couple of hours. So I aborted what I was doing, my regular weekend rant on Billy Mays, which I know that most of dear readers don't appreciate, or even understand, and probably wondering what is wrong with me, but I'm a true believer, or under influence of his intoxicating voice. For examples; I wish I have Billy Mays ring tone, also I need a voice mail message - HI, BILLY MAYS HERE FOR KEIKICHI. HE'LL CALL YOU RIGHT BACK! Etc, etc.

But skip a couple of hours, and there he was. Also skipping was screaming of each other's name for next few minutes and accompanied hugs. He was just the same as I remembered, except I didn't realize until yesterday that he reminded me of an Amish, if there is an Amish who drives an automobile (well beaten up with Ohio license). His wife was just the same as, if I remembered her correctly, tall, slender, and beautiful. She didn't give me the same Amish atmosphere, but she said she'd be an assistant midwife. Maybe they are Amish in closet? And their new addition, 2 years old Mini Stick. His eyes looked just like Papa Stick's.

But wait! Here were more! His wife's uncle, who's living in Cali about 100 miles north was here with his 2 daughters. Oh, so cute!

We walked to the beach, and here were yet more to come. Friends of Stick's wife living in San Diego area also joined. They were all from OHIO. Stick, the uncle, me, were OSU students. Husband of the friend was from Colorado, but also OSU graduate. Wife and her friend went to same high school in Ohio. They say they were just friends, but I still think that they were sisters.
But this friend, a tall slender good looking chick, kick your ass! From conversations she sounded like a law enforcement officer. More specifically an "agent." However, I can't be any more specific, for unspecified reason. The uncle asked her to demonstrate badge flipping. I was thinking Chris Tucker flipping a fake ID in Rush Hour, but this was real fuckin' deal. The badge was actually much smaller than the ones you may see on TV or movie, but this one's a genuine article. And the ID card stated that this individual, whose name I can't reveal, was indeed a special agent of a famed federal agency. She'd talk about some busts and training and all the juicy bits you may want to know, but I didn't ask more detail for my own fuckin' safety, because to know too much is a short cut to interrogation, or worse, rendition, extreme or otherwise. Curiosity kills the cat, but showing deliberate lack of normal amount of curiosity may also provoke this famed agency's curiosity on me. I'm so busted, and she had my finger prints.

Spent a day on a beautiful beach among the herd of people from the beloved state of OHIO is like a breath of fresh air with a smell of cow! Who's coming to Cali next? Or maybe it's my turn to returning to the great state of Ohio.